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    You or your loved one has taken the first step and detoxed, now the work begins to stay the course, to reach your goals. Continuing care with supportive counselors who know the struggles early recovery can have offers further assistance in reaching stability. Recovery Counseling and More offers supportive counseling for those needing to manage treatment with life responsibilities. Evenings and weekend groups allow immediate implementation of skills to balance life without a chemical crutch and provide support every step of the way especially on days habitually relapse prone. Individual counseling allows you to work one on one with counselors on a variety of recovery goals. In sobriety you can have it all, live the life you always dreamed of. Find out how by working with us to develop a recovery lifestyle that fits your style.

    Recovery Support

    Sometimes you have to take a chance on something new despite the fear and comfort of old behaviors. You can’t reach out for the new holding on with both hands to the old. At Recovery Counseling and More, many of our professionals have overcome similar challenges. Experienced, they can help you gain strength and help you embrace the hope you may have lost temporarily due to your circumstance. They are here to provide you with new skills, new outlook and new outcomes. As you learn these skills, our counselors offer support as you learn to master these skills, see improvements and gain greater hope toward achieving new goals.

    What’s In Your Future

    Recovery means something different for everyone. We are seeking to train the next generation of old timers, those destined to teach, to be there for the new comer in need of help. Its not about getting sober, it is about staying sober. Stressed out? Financial concerns? Unfulfilled dreams? Relationship anguish? These things and more we learn to correct in recovery as our minds are clear, we have gained new knowledge but it doesn’t happen over night which is why counselors continue to work with you as long as you need. Recovery Counseling and More is about family. In educating new family members how to avoid relapse they remain safe, their family remains safe, the community is safer, the next generation learns to avoid the pitfall of addiction. Let’s get started healing our community.

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