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    Scott Elliott BA CAP NCAC II

    Certified Addiction Professional
    National Certified Addiction Counselor Level 2

    I battled with addiction to drugs and alcohol for years. Now that I have been in recovery for a while, I have learned that the drugs and alcohol were not necessarily by themselves, the problem. The problem was me. I had to explore the causes that led to my destructive behaviors. In order to do that I had to be free from drugs and alcohol. The first thing I learned that helped me get sober was people cannot and will not recover from addiction by themselves.

    Through my years of sobriety, I have learned how to slow down, appreciate the things that I have in life. I have learned that spending time with me is okay, that I am not a bad person to be around. I have become the person I was meant to be.

    Over the years working as a counselor I have found that one of the most important aspects of recovery is having the opportunity to share your story, your life experiences. I enjoy watching the changes in my clients as they learn the tools to stay sober, stay employed, and find who they were meant to be.