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    James Paseur MS IMH 20816

    Registered Mental Health Counselor

    You might not care how much I know if you don’t know that I care.

    I want to help you on your journey of exploring your Self. Most of us have something in our past that hurts us today. Some have present challenges that we are bogged down with, feelin overwhelmed. I specialize in overcoming in overcoming traumatic life events, developing work/life balance, anxiety and/or depression coping skills and mood disorders.

    With both life experience and current educational foundation, my approach is many faceted. My life experience includes careers in manufacturing, insurance, banking, IT, education and more from factory floor worker to Vice President to consultant. I’ve worked with many cultures from Alabama, USA to Cairo, Egypt and age groups all over the world. My experience allows me to bring many unique perspectives to understand you better.

    I am well versed on religions including Christianity, Gnosticism, Judaism, Sufism, Taoism, Islam, Rational Mysticism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shamanism, Krishna and more.

    I want to invite you to share openly, explore safely and begin to enjoy living your Best Self.